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Rebeca & David: Bio

The Bio

When you have enough prime wood, oxygen, and a big enough spark, you get fire. So it is with the joining together of Rebeca’s spellbinding voice and David’s deeply inspired guitar playing. Rebeca, through her many recordings and personal appearances, is known for her expressive and expansive vocal styles. She is a published songwriter, ASCAP member, with a list of credits for film & television, and has received International radio airplay as a featured artist on the syndicated show “Tuned In Radio.” Now her passion has been taken to the highest level in this latest project entitled “R & D.”

David spent his adolescent years in a band that performed with some of rock music’s cutting edge leaders such as Cream, The Who, Jefferson Airplane, Eric Burdon & The Animals, Buffalo Springfield, The Byrds and Steppenwolf, to name a few. In later years his diverse musical background was to include having owned one of San Diego’s largest music stores and developing and producing Southern California artists.

Both David and Rebeca got to stretch out and use all of their significant chops on this record, as they chose to perform all the various styles that they love and do so well. David got to play everything from a Hendrix inspired chordal solo, to Clapton esque blues/rock riffs; lyrical acoustic solos to slide guitar that would make Bonnie Raitt smile. All the while, laying down progressive acoustic guitar grooves for the bed of most tunes as well as some fine fingerstyle accompaniments on the ballads. Rebeca got to express her pop country side in “Now That I Have Found You,” steal your very soul in her irrepressible performance on “Wintermoon,” and generally demonstrate a range of performance unheard of in most singers today.

As talented as they both are individually, this is a situation where the whole really is greater than the sum of its parts. A circumstance where individual skill, combined with other world-class musicians and artists, elevates this project to a new level of clarity and pure musical expression, introducing the formation of Rebeca & David .

The Story

Love. It’s probably the most powerful concept on the planet. Love has been the subject of countless works of poetry and music. It would be a bold statement to say that anyone’s life embodied the aspects of this magical word, but in the case of Rebeca and David Randle, the statement is true plus much more.

 However, in relationships, love is not always rose petals on satin sheets and candlelit baths. Love takes lots of hard work, both in communication and acquiescing to your partner’s needs while at the same time expressing your own. It’s a dance. Sometimes you trip on each other’s feet and other times you waltz on through with grace at your side. Rebeca and David have been through their ups and falling downs. On this release, R & D, they are choosing to focus on the ups rather than the downs. Through their vibrant union, they have many stories to tell.

This is more than a marriage of woman with man, but of masterful singer with extraordinary guitarist. Everything they do is filled with the electricity of their relationship, especially their music. The love that Rebeca and David have found in each other plays through every note and every phrase of their expressive music. This music creates a panorama of experience that we can walk through and share in, if we only take the first step.

The lyrics tell a breathtaking story of discovery and fulfillment. Rebeca delivers these words with a passion and style seldom heard in today’s music. And David’s sensitive guitar gives her voice the perfect stage to dance upon.

Starting with the sensuous pulsing of “You Mean Everything To Me,” where the sheer power of a new love disrupts even the simplest of life’s functions, like eating and sleeping, and delivers each of us to a place of longing and anticipation. To the rhythmic and driving “Sustenance,” where the realization that a love can be as sustaining as the very food we eat, not to mention a rich and profound source of happiness and completion.

And finally culminating with the soul-stirring “Now That I Have Found You,” which is an absolute celebration of the discovery of a love that makes the air around their mate, all they want to breathe. Rebeca and David have launched us all on a journey to a place and time, where, past, present or future, we look into the eyes of love.


Rebeca's Bio

Rebeca_Singing_Studio_sized.gifOn a fall afternoon in Rochester, New York, Rebeca’s mother, Sarah, an accomplished singer trained at Eastman School of Music, was teaching her voice students as usual. Unknowingly, she had an unexpected observer in three-year-old Rebeca, who walked into the studio during a break and totally floored her mother with a perfect rendition of Edelweiss, the song Sarah had been teaching her students that afternoon. From the pure joy of that experience, Rebeca knew in that moment all she wanted to do was sing. However, she was too young to start formal training in voice, so she began by taking dance classes.

After a move to Hawaii, things really took off for Rebeca. At age eleven, her first singing performance was as a soloist with the Honolulu Children’s Opera Chorus, in front of 4,500 fans. She was such a charmer, that after taking some acting classes, young Rebeca was cast in several TV commercials. Relocating again to the Houston area, Rebeca was in a professional dance troupe, while earning her Screen Actor’s Guild card acting in area TV shows, a feature film and commercials.

When opportunity knocked, Rebeca moved to LA to seriously study acting with Eric Morris, the coach of Johnny Depp. At the same time, she performed evenings in LA nightclubs in various top forty and original bands. It was this training that greatly expanded her ability to sing in virtually any style. During this period, Rebeca was used often in the recording studio as a professional singer for publishing demos for A & M, Warner Bros. and many others.

It was then at the encouragement of many of her fans that Rebeca embarked on the path of being a singer-songwriter. She has released six CDs of her own compositions. A song from her Christmas album was one of the most requested songs on KJOY and KOST in LA for the season. Another of her songs from her last solo album received international syndicated radio airplay through Tuned In Radio and many other stations throughout the world.

After all of this hard work, Rebeca was hungering for a magical collaboration with a talented songwriter, musician, producer and arranger. That set the stage for “the call,” and on the other end of the line…future husband, David Randle.


David's Bio


Sometimes the greatest and most amazing things in life come from “happy” accidents; from a willingness to go down a path not of your own choosing. Such a thing happened to a ten-year-old David Randle, who hadn’t yet cultivated an interest in music at this early age, when his mother asked him to learn the guitar so that he could accompany his younger brother, who had become a bit of a child prodigy on the accordion. Though David only agreed to play the guitar to please his mother, an incredible thing happened when he held the instrument in his hands. He felt down deep inside like he was meant to play it and that he could do it really well. When by the age of thirteen, he was playing professionally at school and church dances, his young fans thought he could do it well, too. In his late teens, his best band, the Brain Police, became the flagship act for James Pagni Productions and played concert dates with Cream, The Who, Jefferson Airplane, Steppenwolf, Buffalo Springfield, Eric Burdon & The Animals, The Byrds, and many others. In fact, this band was just a heartbeat away from signing a major label deal with Decca/London Records.

As the music landscape shifted, and groups like Crosby, Stills & Nash vaulted into prominence, David set aside his electric guitar to explore the nuances of the acoustic guitar. He studied classical guitar with a world-renowned classical guitarist while simultaneously becoming enchanted by the steel string Celtic performances of Davey Graham, John Renborn and Bert Jansch. Soon David had developed an acoustic guitar mastery that included both fingerstyle and plectrum stylings as well as the ability to play in over twenty different tunings, all the while maintaining his electric guitar prowess.

Fascinated by the compositional elements of music, David went to school to study with two of southern California’s most prominent classical composers. He developed a signature writing style with an ever-present weaving of interesting guitar work through his backdrops.

After leaving active playing to own a very successful musical instrument store, get married and raise a daughter, the creative call was too great to resist and David began teaching developing artists how to perfect their writing styles while using his abilities to both arrange and produce their music. He began doing a small amount of live playing again, which put him in perfect position to receive “the call.” One day Rebeca called him inquiring about them working together and she had such an amazing voice and gift for melody writing that the answer was obvious. And the rest will become history.